Planning a Custom Office Space

August 16, 2023

When planning a custom office space, there are several important factors that should be considered. Here are five key items to keep in mind when working with a general contractor (GC) to design and build your custom office space:
  1. Functionality: The most important consideration is how the space will function. The GC should work with you to determine the best layout, furniture placement, and storage solutions to meet the needs of your business.
  2. Branding: Your custom office space should reflect your company’s brand and culture. The GC should help you incorporate design elements that align with your brand, such as color schemes, graphics, and logos.
  3. Technology: Technology is a critical component of any modern office space. The GC should work with you to plan for the necessary infrastructure, such as internet, data and power systems, to ensure that your technology needs are met.
  4. Sustainability: Consideration should be given to the sustainability and environmental impact of your office space. The GC should be knowledgeable about green building practices and be able to help you make choices that are environmentally responsible.
  5. Safety: The safety of your employees should be a top priority. The GC should be knowledgeable about safety regulations and be able to ensure that the space is designed and constructed to meet all necessary safety requirements.
Weston Companies provides custom office buildouts, unique retail finishes, and functional specialty spaces. Contact us today for a quote to ensure your office space is designed and built to meet your specific needs and preferences. We work closely with you to understand your requirements and provide guidance and support throughout the entire process.